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Massachusetts went on ‘red alert’ when local stagehands and event production companies illuminated more than 80 entertainment venues and other landmarks with red lights as part of a national call to action. The #RedAlertRESTART action took place in more than 50 cities across the country, to raise awareness for entertainment businesses devastated by COVID-19 event cancellations, and for the workers behind the scenes, who have built their careers by going unnoticed.

The We Make Events Coalition is calling on Congress, which controversially remains on hiatus during the 3rd most massive unemployment crisis in our nation’s history, to: 
  • Pass the RESTART Act, to provide support and relief for venues and production companies of all sizes.
  • Extend full Pandemic Unemployment Assistance — including the extra $600 weekly, from the CARES ACT — which expired in August despite the Live Events industry remaining at 96% unemployment nationwide.

See what the press is saying about the action:


WBZ-4 (Clip 1)
WBZ-4 (Clip 2)


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