Why join IATSE Local 11? When you join the union, the union joins your fight for:

Safetyas a Priority

Safety on the job should be guaranteed. When certain standards are not met nor regulated, the consequences can be dire, because that’s when mistakes are made, and accidents happen. IATSE Local 11 ensures that workers have safe working conditions, including proper training, equipment, and procedures, mandatory shift breaks and more. As workers return to the job in a post-pandemic workplace, safety enforcement is even more critical.

Higher Wages& Overtime Pay

Union stagehands consistently earn higher wages and better benefits than their non-union counterparts. That’s because IATSE Local 11 negotiates with employers on their behalf, with strength in numbers as we represent all employees in a workplace collectively. We also negotiate for pay increases that correspond with tenure and skills growth.


You work hard, and deserve the peace of mind in knowing that in times of need, you and your loved ones will be protected — not stressed about surprise medical bills. IATSE Local 11 members enjoy the highest quality healthcare in the industry by far. IATSE Local 11 members also enjoy free access to physical and mental health programs such as IATSE National Benefits Fund and the Modern Assistance Program.

Pension& Annuity

Hard work should culminate into lifelong financial security. IATSE Local 11 fights for full pension and annuity for all members, so that they know they can look forward to a secure and happy retirement.

ReliableAdvance Scheduling

Everyone deserves reliable, advance schedules that allow for appropriate rest, and the ability to plan out your days with more predictability. Industry employers often claim that last-minute schedule changes are just the nature of the beast, but if they had proper staffing levels and more respect for the welfare of their employees, everyone would be better-positioned to handle client demands in a way that doesn’t wreak chaos on personal lives.

Continuing Education& Training

To advance the professional growth of our members, IATSE Local 11 provides ample training opportunities to improve skills and master new technologies. Many of these courses are free or discounted for our members.

Job SecurityProtection

IATSE Local 11 protects your job, so that employers can’t cut your hours or terminate you without just cause. We will represent you in a formal grievance process, so that you can rest assured your job is secure. In the event of layoffs, the union will help guarantee proper notice with fair compensation from your employer. We also work with a variety of organizations to provide financial assistance and other resources to union members during times of hardship.

Increased AdditionalWork Opportunities

Workers should have the opportunity to pick up additional work, IF and WHEN they want to. Being an IATSE Local 11 member opens countless doors to work on other projects, and to receive competitive overtime wages. This is a great option for anyone who would like to pocket some extra cash and explore other opportunities when they can.

Shift Breaks& Meals

Sufficient breaks and substantial meals for workers during long shifts are crucial for the health and safety of EVERYONE at a venue. Some Stagehands regularly work double shifts, but  with no access to proper breaks or nourishment. Workers are people, not machines, and enduring poor working conditions impacts the safety and quality of their work. IATSE Local 11 will fight for your dignity on the job.

A Voiceon the Job

IATSE Local 11 is experienced and effective at negotiating with employers to win workers better conditions, and to give them a say in workplace priorities.